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Sales and Management Development Programmes


“The full-scale implementation of a sales strategy for a product or a market segment (niche) in a geographic area to achieve specified objectives through planned Client coverage plans”

Sales Campaigns are an effective strategy to:

We have all experienced examples of ‘campaigns’, which are really no more than heavy price discounts as a tactic to clear surplus stock.  The January Sales is an example - but it is not a Sales Campaign.

To be effective, a true Sales Campaign must engage the entire Sales Team to focus on a small number of opportunities.  Consequently the launch of each Campaign becomes a critical activity to motivate and get the commitment of the team to deliver.  It must integrate seamlessly with planned Client and Prospect meetings, and, where necessary, bring lower priority visits forward to address opportunities in the Campaign.

Sales Campaigns demand real Leadership to be successful.  Targets and a results measurement process must be in place at the outset, and, perhaps, an incentive programme would be appropriate to recognise success.  These Campaigns also provide a venue around which Sales Managers can Coach their people to improve their competence to sell.

We have the experience and expertise to support clients with the development, implementation and delivery of Sales Campaigns in a number of ways, from supportive guidance through to total outsourcing.  Please contact us to discuss these options of how we can work in partnership with you.

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